Are you interested in bringing your group out to a challenge course? MSCR currently runs programming at two different courses, The School Forest Ropes Course, located deep in the MMSD Bud Jackson School Forest near Verona, Wisconsin and The Kennedy ropes course, located behind Kennedy Elementary School on the east side of Madison. It is a universal course, designed to provide access to participants of all abilities.

If you would like to make arrangements for your group/class, please see the information on the MSCR Website: MMSD Challenge Course Programming. We provide programming to students in the Madison Metropolitan School District and outside groups as well.

Low Challenge Course

students preparing to climb a wall

The Low Challenge course is designed to challenge groups to work together through a sequence of unique problem solving initiatives. These initiatives create an environment to help participants work on specific goals and socialization skills. Some of the low elements include:

  • All Aboard
  • Islands
  • Meat Grinder
  • Mohawk Traverse
  • Nitro Crossing (Prouty's Landing)
  • Tension Traverse
  • Marshmallows
  • Spiders Web
  • Trolleys
  • Trust Fall
  • Whale Watch
  • The Wall
  • The Zig Zag

High Challenge Course

students climbing up a pole

Ascending 25-45 feet into the trees or poles, the High Challenge course includes elements designed to give individuals the opportunity to challenge themselves with the support and encouragement of the group. The experience includes instruction on climbing harnesses, an introduction to the climbing system, personal goal setting, and the opportunity to try a variety of thrilling challenges. This experience concludes with an opportunity for participants to reflect on their accomplishments and challenges, and what lessons they will take home. High elements include:

  • Burma Bridge (School Forest)
  • Cat Walk (both courses)
  • Centipede (School Forest)
  • High Inclined Log (School Forest)
  • Hour Glass (School Forest)
  • Multivine Traverse (both courses)
  • Pole Jump (trapese)
  • Tired Two Line (School Forest)
  • Two Line Bridge (both courses)
  • Zip Line (both courses)
  • Flying Squirrel (Kennedy)
  • Giant Swing (Kennedy)
  • Floating Islands (Kennedy)
  • Team Beams (Kennedy)
  • Vertical Playpen (Kennedy)
  • Climbing Tower (Kennedy)
  • Giant's Ladder (Kennedy)

More programming information and forms for programming can all be found on the MSCR Website: MMSD Challenge Course Programs


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