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Equipment and Books Available

As part of the Elementary PEP grant received last year a “lending library” of stress/challenge equipment and books is available to MMSD teachers. The items available are housed with the Stress/Challenge program. Equipment and books can be checked out by calling the Stress/Challenge office to arrange dates for pick-up. Please do not call the O’Keeffe main office number!

Stress/Challenge Equipment Library

This equipment is available for MMSD teachers/staff to check out for use in their school. Please call the stress/challenge office to arrange for pick-up or drop off.

Cell: 608.516.2207

The length of time a piece of equipment is available for check out will be one month unless there is high demand for the same equipment. In that case, the time will be negotiated on an as needed basis.

Equipment List:
1 set 15 large channels (pipeline) with balls
6 round polyspots
Six 12” square polyspots
1 laminate processing puzzle with dry erase markers
2 portable 3D spider webs with directions
Two 6 ft. parasheets
Two 4 ft. parasheets
1 set portable trolleys
2 sets of 36 marking domes
1 skill track set
12 pc. webbing
20 pairs: Size 18
34 pairs: Size 21
6 pairs: Size 27
20 multidomes with posts, hurdles and standards
48 noodles in net bags
4 large bags noodle pieces
1 atom mover
1 keypunch/object retrieval (toxic waste) set
6 stuffed monkeys
Six 6” rubber flex grab balls
Six 8” rubber flex grab balls
6 large rubber frogs
6 large bean bag frogs
6 medium Gator skin foam balls
12 small rubber chickens
Assorted: rubber chicken, fish, pig, fleece balls, soft frisbees, soft animals.

The stress/challenge library also has an extensive collection of books about experiential education, adventure activities and games for MMSD staff to borrow. Please stop by and take a look.