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 The MMSD Caving program has moved to Eagle Cave in Blue River, Wisconsin.  Eagle Cave is “semi-wild” commercial cave. This change has been made upon the recommendation of the Wisconsin DNR in response to the advent of White Nose Syndrome in hibernating bats. Protecting wild bat hibernacula is critical in slowing the spread of this devastating disease. Currently White Nose Syndrome had decimated up to 90% of the hibernating bat population on the east coast of North America and is continuing to move west. For more information about White Nose Syndrome, visit the Bat Conservation International Website:

students wearing lighted hard hats, exploring various caves. The stress/challenge program spends much of the winter underground in Eagle Cave near Blue River, Wisconsin. It is a semi-wild natural cave which participants have an opportunity to explore as spelunkers. In addition to natural tunnels and caverns, Eagle Cave has areas with large rooms and paved paths  providing an experience that is fully accessible. Caving can be physically and mentally challenging for many participants. All rely on the support of the group, and the community building that results is often significant.

Eagle Cave is a large Onyx cave with over 3,000 feet of passageways,  It is believed that the chambers and passages of the cave formed in the limestone below the water table. The cave includes several large rooms. There are a variety of passages varying in size from large enough to stand to those which are fairly small.

The cave is 55 degrees year round. Though electric lighting is available, we add to the adventure by exploring the cave with flashlights alone.

MMSD groups that are interested in making a reservation for a trip to the cave should fill out the following on-line form:
Caving Reservation Request Form

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